Tips on hiring a car in Perth

People from different walks of life come in and out of Perth, especially those who are on a business trip. There are also those who are visiting Perth for personal reasons, such as seeing a family member or spending their holiday. Those are the reasons why numerous individuals deal with various car rental companies in Perth.

We all know that these visitors are coming from different cities, states and countries. And then, you should be aware that car hire companies also have rules that may differ from the companies that are available in your own places. So, if you need tips about a car hire in Perth, then prepare your notes and take them down.

Driver’s License

It is very important for you to carry a driving license issued from place of destination and you must be at least 21 years of age. There would be a surcharge, if the driver is aged from 21 to 24. Of course, you have to present this license to the car rental company and make sure that you had been holding this for at least a year. If an International Driving Permit is required, then you must also present this.

Reliability of the company

It would be best for you to ask for recommendations from family and friends in Perth. In such a way, you can deal with car hire companies that you can rely on. Remember that there is not only one company, so without recommendations, you might end up with the wrong ones.

Aside from that, try reading customer reviews. You can do this by visiting the company website of the car rental. And then, from there you can surely read reviews, coming from previous clients. This is a great opportunity for you to know how a particular company treats its customers.

Choose your type of car

Choose the company, who can offer you the car of your choice. In my opinion, there is no point renting a car that you do not even want, need or does not fit your purpose of hiring a car, right? It would be best, if this car hire company can give you car options in terms of capacity, speed, transmission and model.

I know that it is more expensive to ship your car to Perth than hiring one. But, this does not mean that you will just hire whatever is available. Pretty sure that you can enjoy most of your trips to Perth, if you can choose what you like.

Importance of Vehicle Hire Services

Vehicle hire services play a very important role in the lives of the people, who do not want to buy their own car, needs to travel to a different city or country, needs a bigger car and have special occasions to attend. We cannot always say that when you hire a vehicle, you have no money to buy one. Let’s say that some people are thinking that it would be smarter to deal with vehicle hire companies than with car manufacturers or sellers. We cannot always say or guess what reasons they have for not buying their own car.

Anyway, vehicle hire services are a big help to many people and you should know that. So, we have here a list of a few reasons why vehicle hire services are important and preferred nowadays.

Personal events or occasions

Do you know that there are couples, who decide to get a car from vehicle hire services for their wedding day? There are companies, who also accepts decorating the car, pick up the bride from the house, send the bride to the church, send the newly couple to the reception area and then, send them to their honeymoon place. Most of the time, the couple does not have time to decorate the car for the wedding, they also do not want to drive on their wedding day and cannot get a driver for them. On this day, they can rely on the vehicle for hire services.

There are also those, who is attending a particular event and would like to hire a vehicle to use. For example, their own car is not available, their car is too small for a big family and sometimes just to get a good impression from other people.

Long Journey

There are those who prefer hiring a vehicle when they need to travel a long distance. This is actually nice because when you use your own car, then you need to go first for a car inspection and make sure that your car is in a good running condition. Vehicle for hire services make sure that the car is as good as new, so that you won’t experience trouble while driving it even from a long distance.

This is also a good way for you to save because when you go somewhere for a long distance, then your car wear and tear down. And then, you do not need to worry about the mileage your car uses because this will depreciate its value. What if you have plans of selling your car? If more mileage used, then you will not have the chance to sell it in higher rates.


If you don’t feel convenient enough when traveling by public transportation, then it would be best for you to hire a vehicle going to your place of destination. In such a way, you can feel more relaxed and at ease traveling than going along with the crowd and stopping every time the public transportation reach the terminal or stations.

How to stay away from online scams

Are you fond of making online transactions? If you do, then pretty sure that you are also aware about scammers over the Internet. Do you know that there are a lot of bad guys out there, who takes for granted the innocence of online consumers? This is the reason why sometimes, it is not easy to trust companies, who is dealing with online bookings and reservations.

If you are a potential customer online and then, you failed to check the legitimacy of the website, you might fall into the wrong hands. The websites that scammers sets up looks realistic and formal. So, as a consumer, you would really think that it is a good site. You will then finish your first transaction with them and send payments using your credit or debit cards. But, you will never hear anything from them again once you start sending them complaints.

That usually happens to the victims of online scammers, especially to those who are booking for car hires. This is a situation that you would surely not want to happen to you, right? So, we have here a few tips about how you can stay away from those scammers on the Internet.

What to check

  • When you are linked to a car hire website, you have to make sure that this is a secured site. Look at the URL of the website and you can find an https in the bar. If the https is there, but you still doubt, if the website is official, then you better call the company, ask your friends or government agencies, who are in-charged in the database of registered car hire companies. Through this, you can make sure that the site that you are going to access has a good reputation.
  • It could have been better, if you are going to access a website of a well-known company. In such a way, you will know that it is not a scam. Companies that are known cannot easily be used as a form of scam because consumers know that they are secured. So, scammers cannot copy their IP address to be used in hacking.
  • If your friends can recommend you a trusted website, then that’s good. And then, if you still doubt it, you better ask for the legality of the company by checking from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Do not use your Debit Cards to pay online transactions. It could have been better, if you are going to use your Credit Card. In such a way, the scammers won’t have an access to your bank accounts. Most Credit Card companies are already offering fraud protection for their clients. So, it is safer to use online.
  • If you have made your booking online, then do not forget to check the status of your reservation by giving the company a phone call. This is also a good way to confirm that the company you are dealing with is for real. If you call them and you found out that your booking is there, then that is a good point.

Budget Tips for Vehicle Hire in the UK

We all know that everything in the United Kingdom is expensive, especially if you are going to consider your transportation, housing, clothing and food allowance. But, if you are coming to the United Kingdom, then you must learn how you can save some money in different ways. You should not just keep on spending, especially, if you know that you are on a tight budget. This only means that you have to keep an eye on your daily expenses.

Anyway, visiting the UK will not let you down, especially when it comes to transportation because pretty sure that you can have a budget hiring a vehicle. That is, if you know how to be very meticulous and smart. That is why we have here a few tips that you must keep in mind. Remember that these tips only applies in the United Kingdom.

  • You have to be very specific when it comes to the type of vehicle that you are going to hire. How many passengers are there? How much stuff do you have every time you get into the car? Do you need just a small or big car? Those are the things that can lessen your rental expenses.
  • Before agreeing with the Vehicle hire company, you have to check the rate about what is included there.
  • Make sure you are covered with the TPL or the Third Party Liability Insurance, TP or Theft Protection as well as the CDW or the Collision Damage Waiver. These two would be very helpful just in case something went wrong, then you will not be liable for paying a full amount for the damages or injuries to the third party and the properties. And then, if the car was stolen, then you do not need to pay for the lost car.
  • Before driving the car, you have to check it for damages. No matter how small it is, you need to take a photo of it. And then, you need to take note of those damages found and make sure to report them to the management of the vehicle hire company. If they will tell you that they are already aware about those damages, then that must be made clear.
  • You must also check the amount of fuel, if it has the same amount as was stated in the paper or agreement. If you found out that the tank content is not the same with what was agreed, then you have to tell them. Failure to check this, will be charged to you because you have to return the car with the right amount of fuel.
  • It is also very important for you to check the tires of the car before using it. Proper inspection must have been done even before they give you the keys to this car.
  • If the car has controls that you find different, then you may ask an assistance for you to be familiarized with the controls. Aside from that, you may request for a handbook just in case you needed it.

How to Hire a Vehicle in Ireland

Maybe one of your plans is to travel to Ireland. Do you know that if you will come here, then it would be best to hire a vehicle because you can enjoy more of your stay? As a tourist, pretty sure that you have a lot of places to visit here. So, you will surely find it more comfortable and convenient to hire a vehicle than to ship your own car. Aside from that, it is even cheaper.

Before you go to Ireland or even before you schedule your flight, you have to go online and compare the rates of vehicle for hire in Ireland. You can easily do that by going to business sites and traveling sites to get your quote. You also need to check the fees for a third party option.

But, looking for a trusted Vehicle for Hire Company is not that easy because there are numerous companies in Ireland. If it is your first time to come and hire a vehicle, then you might even find it risky because trusting a company that you have not tested is difficult. Anyway, you can always check the reviews online and that will help you choose one.

Checking the Reliability of the Company

By the way, to make sure that the Vehicle for Hire Company is reliable, you have to check the company, if they are under the Car Rental Council of Ireland. If they do not belong there, then it is a doubtful company. So, you better be careful about trusting them, especially when it comes to sending payments.

Your Initial Requirement

Hiring a vehicle in Ireland is very easy. You just need your driving license. Anyway, this is basically a requirement that all vehicles for hire companies in the world is looking for. And then, you must have a credit card that is under the name of the driver.

The Age

Vehicles for Hire companies in Ireland have different policies and rules regarding the age of the driver. So, you have to check this one with your chosen company. There is always a Younger Driver Surcharge for drivers, who are young by age.

International Driver’s License

If you are coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and EU states, then you are not required to have an International Driver’s License Permit as the local driver’s license. For UK nationalities, they have to present a check code, which has a 21 day validity, before the vehicle for hire company release a car.

Vehicle for Hire Services

  • You can always choose for a long term rental, which is actually more economical.
  • You have to set your pick up location as well as your drop off location.
  • You may choose the type of car that you want for your trip.
  • You may also choose an automatic transmission. But, most of the cars have manual transmissions.
  • They also have a Car Insurance, which is actually a bit more complicated in Ireland. So, you better ask for this to make things clear.
  • Collision Damage Waiver is also available.

Smart Tips on Hiring a Vehicle

Many people have started relying on vehicle for hire companies, especially when they have plans of traveling abroad or going somewhere with a long distance trip. They just want to feel comfortable hiring a vehicle with additional drivers, especially if they are not used to the place. At least, with a vehicle for hire companies, they can request for a driver, who knows exactly how to go to their destination as well as moving around the place.

It could have been better, if we can all go for a ride without thinking about the hassle of driving far. When you hire a vehicle, the only thing that you can think of is to arrive safely to your destination. At least, no matter how far you go, you can relax. Therefore, when you reach your destination, you can enjoy the place and prepare for whatever business you have there.

Anyway, when you are hiring a vehicle, you need to be smart and wise. Do not let those companies take most of the benefit. You must get more advantage because you are dealing with services here. And then, as a potential client or customer, you must know what you are into.

Choose the vehicle that you need

You should know exactly what you need when it comes to the car. Do you just need a small one, a 4-seater car or a family-sized car? You have to be specific here because the vehicle for hire companies have a lot of car options for you to choose from. You also need to specify if you need a manual or an automatic transmission type of vehicle. Aside from that, you might want to ask for other facilities or extra services that the company is offering. If you needed some of those, such as baby seats or GPS device, then you better ask in advance.

Book the car of your choice

You are not the only customer in that company. So, if you are already sure about your plan of hiring a vehicle, then you have to book it in advance. Other clients or customers may have the same choice like yours. So, it would be best to make the reservation as early as possible.

It could have been better if you can also get a car like your second option, if you missed your first option. But, what if you missed it, too? Booking a car on or before the date that you need it is not really easy. No matter how many car companies you go, you will still have the same problem. So, if possible. We have to avoid such late issues. You may book online or you may also come directly to their office. Either way is fine as long as you feel convenient, then book from there.

Understand the Policy

Before signing a contract or deal with the vehicle hire company, you have to make sure that you have fully understood the terms and conditions or the policies of the said vehicle for hire company. Failure to do this may lead you to extra or other charges.

Tips on online reservation

When you are a very busy person and cannot really find time to personally come to the car hire company or cannot manage to make a call, then your only option left is to do the booking online. If you know how to use the Internet and very much aware about what you can do online, then you will surely know how to make online reservations.

Do you know that you can book and shop anything online? You can book a hotel and flight as well as transportation services. This is a really nice thing that we can do online because it is really helpful and beneficial to many people. May be some find it unnecessary, but someday, they will also realize how important it is.

Anyway, if you are going to reserve or book a car online, then there are a few things that you must consider. So, we have here some tips for you to check.

What Company

Have you ever hired a vehicle for your business or personal trips? If not, then maybe you have not chosen yet a vehicle for hire company to deal with. So, you have to search first for a reliable company. You may also try asking suggestions or recommendations from your friends. If you have no one to ask, then you may search for these companies online. Anyway, you can find there some reviews of their previous customers. So, you better read them and through that you will see how good their services are.

If this is not your first time to hire a vehicle, then you may stick to the previous company. That is if you are satisfied with their services. If not, then you better look for a different one. Do not come back to vehicle for hire companies, who cannot give you the kind of service that you need.

Choosing a Car

What car would you like to hire? You have to check what is available. And then, you must also know that there are differences between automatic and manual transmissions. So, choose the one that you are used to driving with. There are also countries with left or right hand drive. If this one differs, then make sure that you can drive it before renting for such cars.

You must also choose the size of the car that you need. How many drivers and passengers will be in the car? If you think a four-seater car won’t be enough, then you have to ask for a bigger size of transportation.

Pick-up and Drop-off

Will you pick up the car from their warehouse or will they bring you the car? This is a very good service that you will surely need, if you are coming from a different country because the vehicle for hire company will even drop the car off in the airport. And then, if you are coming from a hotel, then it is also possible for them to deliver the car. Just make sure to arrange that setting online. Through this, then you can start driving the car as soon as you’re ready.