Budget Tips for Vehicle Hire in the UK

We all know that everything in the United Kingdom is expensive, especially if you are going to consider your transportation, housing, clothing and food allowance. But, if you are coming to the United Kingdom, then you must learn how you can save some money in different ways. You should not just keep on spending, especially, if you know that you are on a tight budget. This only means that you have to keep an eye on your daily expenses.

Anyway, visiting the UK will not let you down, especially when it comes to transportation because pretty sure that you can have a budget hiring a vehicle. That is, if you know how to be very meticulous and smart. That is why we have here a few tips that you must keep in mind. Remember that these tips only applies in the United Kingdom.

  • You have to be very specific when it comes to the type of vehicle that you are going to hire. How many passengers are there? How much stuff do you have every time you get into the car? Do you need just a small or big car? Those are the things that can lessen your rental expenses.
  • Before agreeing with the Vehicle hire company, you have to check the rate about what is included there.
  • Make sure you are covered with the TPL or the Third Party Liability Insurance, TP or Theft Protection as well as the CDW or the Collision Damage Waiver. These two would be very helpful just in case something went wrong, then you will not be liable for paying a full amount for the damages or injuries to the third party and the properties. And then, if the car was stolen, then you do not need to pay for the lost car.
  • Before driving the car, you have to check it for damages. No matter how small it is, you need to take a photo of it. And then, you need to take note of those damages found and make sure to report them to the management of the vehicle hire company. If they will tell you that they are already aware about those damages, then that must be made clear.
  • You must also check the amount of fuel, if it has the same amount as was stated in the paper or agreement. If you found out that the tank content is not the same with what was agreed, then you have to tell them. Failure to check this, will be charged to you because you have to return the car with the right amount of fuel.
  • It is also very important for you to check the tires of the car before using it. Proper inspection must have been done even before they give you the keys to this car.
  • If the car has controls that you find different, then you may ask an assistance for you to be familiarized with the controls. Aside from that, you may request for a handbook just in case you needed it.

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