How to Hire a Vehicle in Ireland

Maybe one of your plans is to travel to Ireland. Do you know that if you will come here, then it would be best to hire a vehicle because you can enjoy more of your stay? As a tourist, pretty sure that you have a lot of places to visit here. So, you will surely find it more comfortable and convenient to hire a vehicle than to ship your own car. Aside from that, it is even cheaper.

Before you go to Ireland or even before you schedule your flight, you have to go online and compare the rates of vehicle for hire in Ireland. You can easily do that by going to business sites and traveling sites to get your quote. You also need to check the fees for a third party option.

But, looking for a trusted Vehicle for Hire Company is not that easy because there are numerous companies in Ireland. If it is your first time to come and hire a vehicle, then you might even find it risky because trusting a company that you have not tested is difficult. Anyway, you can always check the reviews online and that will help you choose one.

Checking the Reliability of the Company

By the way, to make sure that the Vehicle for Hire Company is reliable, you have to check the company, if they are under the Car Rental Council of Ireland. If they do not belong there, then it is a doubtful company. So, you better be careful about trusting them, especially when it comes to sending payments.

Your Initial Requirement

Hiring a vehicle in Ireland is very easy. You just need your driving license. Anyway, this is basically a requirement that all vehicles for hire companies in the world is looking for. And then, you must have a credit card that is under the name of the driver.

The Age

Vehicles for Hire companies in Ireland have different policies and rules regarding the age of the driver. So, you have to check this one with your chosen company. There is always a Younger Driver Surcharge for drivers, who are young by age.

International Driver’s License

If you are coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and EU states, then you are not required to have an International Driver’s License Permit as the local driver’s license. For UK nationalities, they have to present a check code, which has a 21 day validity, before the vehicle for hire company release a car.

Vehicle for Hire Services

  • You can always choose for a long term rental, which is actually more economical.
  • You have to set your pick up location as well as your drop off location.
  • You may choose the type of car that you want for your trip.
  • You may also choose an automatic transmission. But, most of the cars have manual transmissions.
  • They also have a Car Insurance, which is actually a bit more complicated in Ireland. So, you better ask for this to make things clear.
  • Collision Damage Waiver is also available.

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