Our Limit

The TnT Vehicle Hire Blog is only publishing information as well as personal experience of previous car rental clients. Apart from that, we do not post other topics outside this area. Our company has an office, so, if you are interested to make a deal with us, then we would appreciate it, if you come personally in the office to see our cars.

We do not accept any transactions done online because we believe that there are some readers out there, who are not really serious in their bookings and reservations. Therefore, we will not get personal details from you, except for your name, if you wish us to link you to our company.

Please, do not give your credit card numbers and do not make online transferring or monetary funds online. If someone from this company or other reader is asking for it because we do not collect such information.

All articles posted on this website blog is owned by the TnT Vehicle Hire Blog. So, if you would like to use and copy our articles for your own publication, then we will demand you to ask our permission first. We will only grant you a permit if your reason is valid.